The Anglo-Argentine Society has helped Argentine charities and causes since it was founded in 1948. This help took the form of donations, educational and medical grants, bursaries and awards. The first formal accounts are dated in 1976.

Supported charities


Our work with charities

Among those helped along the years are: British Community Welfare Fund, St George’s Scholarship/Endowment Fund, Hospital de Niños, Hospital San Martín, Teatro Colón’s principal dancer Daniel Escobar, Fundación Cruzada Patagónica, Fundación Scholnik, The Hispanic Council, Fundación Compromiso, Fundación Impulsar, Asociación hacia Jesús por María, Fundación Grupo San Felipe, Fundación Alegría Ahora.

Between 2018 and 2021, our members helped the AAS raise £4,000 for Inglés Para Mi Futuro, a project managed by the ABCC Rosario District and £8,000 for Cricket Sin Fronteras ( and between 2021 and 2023 £2,000 for Enseñá por Argentina and £2,000 for Asociación Cuerpo y Alma.

The Society also helped with the emergency efforts which included funds, accommodation, medical assistance for Argentinos Varados en Gran Bretaña (stranded Argentines in the UK) during the Covid 19 pandemic.


Member fundraising

  1. £2000 Enseñá por Argentina
  2. £2000 Asociación Cuerpo y Alma
  3. £4000 Inglés Para Mi Futuro
  4. £8000 Cricket Sin Fronteras


Your membership makes a difference

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved a very difficult time for organisations like the Anglo-Argentine Society. Whilst we worked hard to adapt and move our events online, the temporary reduction of our vibrant in-person fundraising events during 2020 and 2021 has had an impact. Now that the UK is recovering, we’re working harder than ever to raise money for crucial charities in Argentina and your membership plays a leading role. We are committed to holding as many of our events in person in 2022.

Any involvement in our charitable activity is greatly valued, from donating and raising funds to volunteering your time and helping to spread awareness. We invite our members to contribute in any way they can and ensure that it fits their busy schedules, making it a truly enriching and community-focused group of people who want to make a positive difference to the world around them.

On behalf of everyone at the Anglo-Argentine Society, we thank you for your support and look forward to organising exciting fundraising events with you over the coming year.


Supported charities

Starting in 2022, for two years, we are supporting two new charities: Enseñá X Argentina (specifically their programme: Reimaginar el Aula) and Asociación Cuerpo y Alma (in El Impenetrable, Chaco).

Enseñá por Argentina

ExA (Teach for Argentina in English) is related to the international charity Teach for All and believes that education is the way to build a fairer world. Its aim is to create a diverse movement of people committed to educate communities which are socio-economically vulnerable, so that through a collective leadership they get involved to reimagining education and make sure that each child and young person has access to an integral and qualitative education. This includes valuing their identity, empowering the development of their skills and generating opportunities to become an agent of transformation in their community. They use programmes that support schools, students and teachers.

The AAS will specifically support their programme Reimaginar el Aula (Reimagine the Classroom), which trains teachers in a context of new normality after COVID19.

REA generates a space for teachers to reflect, share and take action. It gives them theoretical and practical didactic tools to use in the classroom. It offers them alternatives for self-training and sustainable collective training through the organisation of learning communities between peers to face the challenges of their socio-economical context. Specific themes, which consider each region or locality’s needs, are provided in the syllabus making it coherent with local education public policy. They also take into account the students’ interests and consider technological innovation.
The workshops include 26 hours of teacher training online, plus 8 hours of field work in learning communities. It has reached so far 168 teachers and 14,529 students with a 100% response satisfaction when measuring its impact.

Asociación Cuerpo y Alma

Since 2005 this NGO works towards providing medical assistance and health education in vulnerable communities in the North of Argentina. Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of illnesses which account for the highest mortality rates are at the core of their efforts, including Chagas. They have paediatric, hypertension, dentistry, ophthalmology and cervical cancer programmes.

They mobilise diagnostic and surgery resources to these areas and carry out more than 14 thousand consultations and 600 surgeries a year, on site. Patients who need highly complex treatment are transported to Resistencia, Santiago del Estero or Buenos Aires.

A small group of professionals is stationed permanently in Charata.

Inglés Para Mi Futuro

The AAS’s partner organisation in Argentina is the ABCC (Argentine British Community Council/Consejo de la Comunidad Argentino Británica). We are proud to have supported “Inglés para mi futuro”, an ABCC venture in Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe. This after-school project was launched in 2018 to teach English to marginalised children. It is based in St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church Community Hall. The funds raised by the AAS have paid teachers’ salaries for four years for this very worthwhile venture, and help them to be visible to receive other contributions.

Cricket Sin Fronteras

Cricket Sin Fronteras is a social inclusion project launched in 2010 which teaches cricket to transform the lives of marginalised and vulnerable young boys and girls in Buenos Aires. It has now grown to include over 2000 young people whose lives are given meaning by learning this very British but also very international sport. The funds raised by the AAS have helped to pay for training and food, and the associated workshops run by the project: welding, carpentry, cookery, as well as mentoring and much more.