The AAS 75th Anniversary Gran Asado Argentino 2023


The Gran Asado Argentino, celebrating our 75th anniversary, took place on Sunday 25 June at Wasps FC in Acton. Despite being a smaller gathering of members only,

it was a great day, very hot, and according to all present, the food, atmosphere and the music by Los Sacha Amigos were fantastic.

We had a wonderful new asador, Bernardo Neville from Chango Empanadas, who, together with a few volunteers prepared mollejas canapés, Argentine beef, choripanes and morcillas, and British corderos (lamb) a la cruz and costillares (ribs). Bernardo also donated empanadas de pollo for everyone, as starters.

On the tables everybody found delicious chimichurris from Bacanas, donated by former vice-chair Betsabé Pedutto.

Many families and groups of friends, found in this asado criollo the perfect opportunity to meet, coming from different geographical corners.

They all left the event con la panza llena y el corazón contento.

We had impromptu folklore dancing, having a go at a chacarera and a zamba, and we had an unexpected mini show with songs from Bolivia and Peru given by some guests.

The raffle was led by the one and only Adolfo Tuñón who always helps with a lot more than MCing, and it was super entertaining. Adolfo was helped by a bunch of enthusiastic children, who delighted everyone with their answer before drawing the lucky numbers.

Towards the end Julie and Catharine Miller sang for us a traditional song of this event which tells about the evolution of the Anglos into Argentines, which is fun and became the unofficial AAS Anthem.

Ambassador Javier Figueroa, cultural attaché Alessandra Viggiano Marra and Consul General Carolina Pérez Colman honoured the AAS with their presence.

We thank them, and we thank all our helpers, volunteers, providers, and donors of the wonderful raffle prizes for their generosity, time, and support. Without them this couldn’t have been done. They were essential for this asado to be a success.

Above all, we thank you for making the AAS what it is today.

Thak you: Chango Empanadas, Embassy of Argentia, Casa Argentina, Santa Maria del Sur, Parrilla Gaucha, Catena Wines, Bacanas, Argentalia, Malevo Group (malambo), Rex Gowar, Trevor Grove

Here you can download the Programme of the Asado 2023 and see all our donors in detail.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to become a sponsor of the Gran Asado next year, and/or all our other events along the year, please write to us. We need you!!


Save the Date

July 30- Polo at Ham Polo Club (luncheon is sold out).

September 29- Ambassador’s Gala Dinner at the Caledonian Club (tickets coming soon).

October 22- Piano Concert by Horacio Lavandera in Manchester’s Stoller Hall.

November 9- Book Presentation: Don Roberto, The Adventure of Being Cunninghame Graham by James Jauncey at the Ambassador’s Residence.

December 1- Christmas concert and party with Argentine singer Sara Fleming at the Ambassador’s Residence.


Have a wonderful summer!

Fátima Nollén-Reardon


On behalf of the Executive Committee of The Anglo-Argentine Society