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Membership to the Anglo-Argentine Society is open to anyone who wants to explore, celebrate and promote the strong relationship between Argentina and the UK. Our mission is to reinforce the bond between the people of these two nations in a vibrant, inclusive and forward-thinking way, which is delivered through a diverse range of events, networking opportunities and a passionate focus on cultural heritage.

We pride ourselves on creating a sense of togetherness: anyone with an interest in or love for Argentina can take out membership and enjoy our exciting programme of events. If you like the idea of being part of a friendly, creative and supportive community, we’d love to have you on board.

What we do

The Anglo-Argentine Society places strong emphasis on cultural events, which take the form of everything from our annual Borges Lecture, popular book club and fascinating talks to the prestigious Ambassador’s Gala Dinner and the Gran Asado Argentino, which combines exceptional food, music and entertainment.

Whilst education and discovery are at the heart of what we do, above all else we design our events so that you can have fun, make new friends and feel a valued part of a thriving community.

Charitable objective

We take our responsibility as a registered charity very seriously which is why we are passionate about raising money and awareness for a wide range of Argentinian non-profit organisations and causes. A generous portion of our resources are continually set aside to support these chosen charities, particularly those that enable educational empowerment for children and young people in disadvantaged areas of Argentina.


Upcoming events

We have all sorts of thought-provoking, inclusive and enjoyable events planned. Take a look at what’s in store and make sure to get involved.

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There are multiple benefits that come with membership to the Anglo-Argentine Society. In the process, you’ll be helping us to grow, enhance and further diversify our events programme and fundraising activity. We welcome individuals and families from all backgrounds with an interest in or love for Argentina, making the Anglo-Argentine Society a truly inclusive community.

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Membership Benefits

  • Annual events

    Admired for their magnificence and vitality.

  • Discounts

    Offering members a range of discounts.

  • Newsletters

    Keeping you informed, inspired and entertained.

  • Fundraising

    Help us fundraise for Argentinian charities.



Between 2018 and 2021, our members helped us to raise £4,000 for Inglés Para Mi Futuro and £8,000 for Cricket Sin Fronteras. From 2022 we are supporting two new charities: Enseñá X Argentina (Reimaginar el Aula programme) and Asociación Cuerpo y Alma (Medicina solidaria).

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